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    Dutch Women: Beautiful, Smart, Confident and Straightforward

    Beautiful and hot Dutch girls is what you need!
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    Dutch Women: Beautiful, Smart, Confident and Straightforward
    Dutch people have a culture and a way of living different from elsewhere in Europe – most of them own a bike, don’t put much effort into their looks, aren’t very concerned about their appearance or clothing, and have a laid-back attitude. However, the Dutch really care about their health, education, and tend to be happy with what they have instead of always craving better, shinier things.
    Dutch Women: Beautiful, Smart, Confident and Straightforward
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    dutch girls

    Why are Dutch Women So Popular?

    The images of blond blue eyed Dutch women are what almost any man will find attractive. They are also tall and naturally beautiful, wear little to no makeup, and they opt for simple hairstyles along with casual, comfy clothes. Being a beauty means one can really rock such a relaxed and effortless look that’s just a dream – of many women as well as men who admire it.

    Anything can be a quite casual experience for Dutch women in terms of looks – whether it’s paring a business suit with sneakers, or going out in the same clothes they wore all day. Dutch women are very likely to wear flat shoes or sneakers with any outfit, probably because bikes are their primary and favorite means of transportation. Dutch people are usually tall and fit, being a very athletic, sports-loving nation with very low rates of obesity. Perhaps it is in their genes, but still, the healthy lifestyle of the Dutch is of primary importance. It definitely keeps them fit and good-looking, so Dutch women have amazing bodies and are unlikely to put on weight.

    Dutch women are down-to-earth and straightforward

    Known for speaking exactly what they think, Dutch women are sometimes perceived as assertive or arrogant. Such straightforwardness may not fit some of the foreigners’ ideas of warmth and femininity. But those who are tired of relationships turning into guessing games will certainly appreciate this directness which is just aimed at more efficient and less misleading communication. A Dutch woman won’t keep you wondering what’s on her mind, or why she is doing something this or that way – she will tell you directly, or you can ask her and she won’t talk at length before getting to the point.

    Mind that this is more of a cultural than individual thing, as Dutch love efficiency in everything and cut out small talk or sugar-coating, considering these simply a waste of time. They also generally prefer discussing everything from a logical perspective rather than emotional. The Dutch can be brutally honest, but they are fair and open, comfortable with themselves, and not very touchy-feely.

    Dutch women are smart and independent

    Education is seen as the top priority in this country, so Dutch girls are educated and intelligent, as well as taught from a tender age to not be dependent on anyone. Dutch girls are raised with manners and modesty, as it is not common for the Dutch people to show off their wealth or accomplishments. Dutch women are not ‘glamorous’ but quite casual both in terms of looks and lifestyle, they put family first, and can be very good partners.

    dutch women

    Why Are Dutch Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

    Unlike girls from Eastern Europe, Dutch women date foreigners because of their exceptional personalities and flirting skills, but not financial capabilities. Earning more than €10,000 per month, they can take care of themselves, travel across the globe, and compare different cultures. Their open-minded modern nature tells them to try an exotic relationship with a Northern American guy. Yes, many women from the Netherlands prefer dating guys from the US.

    They love the way Americans treat their women, share the homework, and cook for their spouses. Many Dutch girls love the style and look of an American guy. It is something special they miss in their homeland and thus are thirsty for hot American locals.

    Why don’t many girls marry Dutch guys? Well, local guys are known for their exaggerated pragmatism and inability to make something romantic for their sweethearts. It does not mean that 100% of Dutch men cannot treat women properly though. But still, lots of them are bad at dating and showing affection.

    Being practical and straightforward, many Dutch girls seek a whirling passion that foreigners can unleash. For this, they address online dating services.

    What are Dutch Brides Like?

    The most important thing that sets them apart from others is directly letting you know if they enjoy your company or not. Moreover, a Dutch woman is very unlikely to be the one who loves you only for your money. She tends to be self-reliant and even willing to pay for her dinner or drinks if you go on a date. You may offer to pay, but don’t insist on it if she declines your offer.

    This practice of each paying their share is so common among the Dutch that even the phrase ‘going Dutch’ was coined to mean ‘splitting a bill’. Alternatively, one person may pay for dinner and the other for tickets to some event or movie. The Dutch are practical, and their relationships are based on equality between men and women.

    The value of equality and independence combined with traditional gender roles and putting family first… how is this possible? The answer is there are no stereotypes in their culture regarding Dutch women being supposed to be submissive to men in any way. Dutch women need their own space and freedom, and they respect your need for these as well.

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    Where You Can Meet Single Dutch Ladies?

    Fancy a visit to Amsterdam? Even if it happens to be one of the top destinations on your ‘bucket list’, that’s not the most efficient way of finding Dutch singles who are interested in dating foreigners. Online mail order Dutch brides are a safe bet because they state their intentions clearly, and you can be sure these beautiful ladies are single.

    According to many tourists, the Dutch are very friendly, helpful and welcoming to visitors from other countries. They take interest in foreign cultures, as well as pride in their own, and therefore want you to enjoy your stay and have the best impressions of their country. So you are most likely to have a good time in Amsterdam touring the city, but if you are looking for love and long-term relationships, you’ll have to stay for a while to find a suitable partner. Dutch women don't believe in love at first sight.

    Dutch mail order brides are the ones who are comfortable with moving their ‘first dates‘ to online dating platforms and apps, or the ones who are simply curious about that. In any case, as much as they appreciate efficiency and time-saving, they are going to find online dating convenient. As for men they meet online, foreigners have more chances of impressing these Dutch brides if they invest enough time into thoughtful, genuine writing.

    dutch brides

    How to Find a Reliable Dutch Dating Website?

    An international dating website is best chosen by the reviews of those who have actually been using it without any issues. Safety certainly comes first, as you are going to enter personal data on the website. However, making sure you are comfortable with the design and interface of a certain website is also important. If your eyes get tired from its color scheme or flashy ads and banners, your experience won’t be enjoyable or perhaps even tolerable.

    The next step is deciding whether you are happy with the features, options and payment plans. If you can use some of the services for free, this may help you get a decent overview of the profiles and a glimpse of the options available before you decide on any kind of paid membership being worthy of a try. However, the free services tend to be miserably limited with the majority of online dating websites. Anyway, comparing different ones may give you a clear idea that some are overcharging for the same things that come at reasonable prices elsewhere.

    5 Tips on Dating a Dutch Girl

    1. In some countries, attractiveness is rated as more important than intellectual level or personal achievements. However, the Dutch respect well-educated and hard-working people, so a Dutch woman isn’t likely to be impressed by compliments about her looks or style as much as by compliments about her intelligence, personality, and skills.
    2. Be a gentleman with good manners and don’t “go Dutch” on your date – pay for everything instead of splitting the bill like the Dutch guys normally do.
    3. Dutch people usually kiss each other on the cheek when meeting and saying goodbye. Direct eye contact is the norm when you are talking to someone.
    4. A Dutch woman may be hard to get, but at least it helps to know she is not playing hard-to-get. Nor is she playing princess (by the way, the word ‘princess’ is used by the Dutch as an insult, and it means ‘a silly, lazy and selfish woman’). If a Dutch woman isn’t interested in communication, “no” means “no” (not “yes” or “maybe” or “later”). A Dutch woman won’t appreciate any persistent attempts to ‘win’ or ‘conquer’ her if you have failed to impress her.
    5. Do not give a Dutch girl jewelry or buy her expensive gifts – this will make her uncomfortable, as Dutch women don't like the feeling of owing something to anyone, or thinking they are being bought.
    If you like women who speak their mind and are comfortable with being themselves instead of copying someone else, consider dating Dutch women. Although some foreigners may perceive them as unfriendly, Dutch women simply respect and value themselves enough to dislike the idea of pretending to be someone they aren’t. While it is generally acceptable in some cultures to be emphatically friendly to everybody, including strangers, Dutch women consider such behavior to be fake. Before you get to know the person, there is no reason to be excited and happy to see one. Dutch women don’t see any point in putting a display of fake emotions, or saying misleading and insincere things.
    A Hot Beautiful Woman is
    What You Need!
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